Ten very good reasons to get a library card:

  1. It’s cost-effective. Our library cards are FREE to all Wisconsin residents. (Patrons from out-of-state can still sign up for a card for a small fee of $35 per year per household.)
  2. It’s powerful. Our library cards are good at every library in the MORE system — that’s 54 libraries in 10 counties.
  3. It can move things around for you. Don’t want to travel? That same card gives you the power to request items from other libraries be sent here for you to check out. Have items from another library in the system? Return them here — we’ll check them in and send them along for you.
  4. It gets you more than just books. Looking for a movie to watch tonight? Look no further! Interested in a magazine? We’ve got lots of those, in print and online. Want to try a new video game? We can get you games for most of the popular consoles. Do you prefer board games or puzzles?… you get the idea.
  5. It gets you access to e-books and e-audiobooks too. On your computer, or on your smart device.
  6. While you don’t need a library card to use our computers or our WiFi, it gives you a good excuse to come here and try both!
  7. We specialize in helping you find reliable information. Seriously, no question is truly dumb if it’s asked in earnest. We can help you find resources, and a library card will let you take them home to mull over.
  8. It can lead you to an adventure. We have explorer packs for local parks and trails, as well as hands-on STEM kits that can help you explore different topics.
  9. It gets you access to a bunch of different databases, including genealogy data, back issues of newspapers, auto repair information, health information, and more.
  10. It gets you access to lots of online study resources, like Transparent Language, which offers self-guided language learning, and LearningExpress, which has self-guided courses on career-seeking skills, taking exams like the SAT, ACT, GED, ASVAB, or US Citizenship exam, and even reviewing things you thought you had “learned” in school and need a refresher for.

And all of this fits in your wallet.

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