Here’s a fun storytelling activity! Have you ever folded and used a paper “fortune teller”? Here’s one you can use to tell a story instead! Print out the Fairytale Storyteller, cut it out, and fold it according to the directions. Then, choose one of the first four images, and start telling a story about it. It can be as silly or as far-fetched as you want. Then, use the storyteller to spell the name of the picture you chose, for example, “F-R-O-G”. Choose one of the numbered images inside, and continue your story. Then move the storyteller according to the number of the image you chose, and choose another image. Keep doing this until your story nears its end, then lift up your chosen number to reveal a picture of your happily-ever-after!

Here’s a link to the Fairytale Storyteller page for you to print out.

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